Our years of franchise industry experience benefits franchise owners looking to increase value of their franchise business or sale their franchise business for the highest value. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you strategic support whether you are a multi-unit franchise owner or a single unit operator.
  • In depth review of your business
  • Expert recommendations on how to make your business ‘sell ready’
  • Detailed report of your business profile and valuation
  • Creative, white labeled, marketing material for your business
  • Professional call handling, screening and qualifying of all potential buyers
  • Thorough advice on all purchase offers
  • Dedicated management of transaction, lease transfer and landlord approvals
  • Handle Franchisor approval for the proposed buyer and sale approval
  • Collaborative work with legal and accounting professionals where needed
  • End-to-end sale support throughout the process
Franchise value enhancement
Set the stage for a successful future
Not ready to sell your business at this time? The Plutus Group offers a value enhancement consultation to improve the future value of your company. It is through working closely with the franchise owners to identify and improve key value drivers that will enhance your profitability as well as maximize returns, when you are ready to sell the business.
Franchise process automation
Save time and boost business value
Are you spending countless hours working in your business rather than working on your business? The Plutus Group helps streamline and automate your franchise business so you can realign your focus. The consultation process starts with a full evaluation of business processes and identifying “pain points” to improve efficiency. A business with detailed systems and processes in place is typically more profitable and generates maximum return at the time of sale. Most importantly, the less time you are spending on agonizing processes, the more time you have to enjoy your life while running the business.
Whether you are actively looking to sell or just considering it,
Contact us today to discover your options.